Rob Dietz

Rob Dietz

When not one hand goes up in a roomful of college students in response to the question, How many of you believe that were making this world a better place for our children and grandchildren -- that were headed in the right direction environmentally and economically?

When the articles in scientific journals about ecology and the environment start sounding like dystopian visions from the overactive imagination of a sci-fi novelist

When fed-up people amass at the headquarters of the most powerful economic and political institutions all around the world to protest unjust policies

You begin to get the sense that enough is enough. A growing body of evidence, both scientific and anecdotal, is telling us that we've had enough when it comes to environmental degradation (e.g., global warming, species extinctions, pollution, habitat loss, soil depletion) and social dysfunction (e.g., poverty, huge gaps between rich and poor, crime, unemployment). At the same time, we have enough when it comes to goods and services. In many places, people consume enough to meet their needs, and then some. Citizens in high-consuming economies can find themselves struggling to come up for air in the torrent of goods and services that surges through their lives. The breaching of ecological limits, breakdowns in our communities, and the failure of materialistic lifestyles to provide well-being suggest the need for a change of course. An economy with enough as its goal provides better prospects for the future than one that continuously pursues more.

Rob Dietz understands the need to make a transition from more to enough. His book, Enough Is Enough, which he wrote with Dan O'Neill, will be published later this year. The book presents his ideas on how to create an economy of enough -- ideas that came together from years of work at the crossroads of economic policy and environmental health. His career has taken some interesting turns. Rob was the first Executive Director of the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE), an international nonprofit organization educating the public about steady state economics. CASSE was named the best Green Think Tank of 2011. Rob is also the Editor of CASSE’s Daly News electronic newsletter and a former Presidential Management Fellow, with appointments at the U.S. Geological Survey and the Fish and Wildlife Service. He was the first person at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to serve as a Conservation Goals Coordinator, a position that combined long-range planning and landscape modeling for the National Wildlife Refuge System. He also did time as an economic analyst at two Washington, DC consulting firms. He is currently the editor of the Daly News, an online publication named in honor of Herman Daly, the visionary economist who has laid the foundation for a sustainable and fair economy.

Rob's unusual educational background has helped him understand the big picture when it comes to the complex interactions between society and the environment. He received a master of science degree (MS) in environmental science and engineering from Virginia Tech and an undergraduate degree in economics and environmental studies from the University of Pennsylvania.

Rob is a down-to-earth family man. He is married, has one daughter, and lives at CoHo Ecovillage in Corvallis, Oregon, where he does his best to enjoy the great outdoors (despite the often uncooperative weather).