Vote for a Sustainable Economy

"For most of the past century, economic growth was fueled by what seemed to be a certain truth: the abundance of natural resources. We mined our way to growth. We burned our way to prosperity. We believed in consumption without consequences. These days are gone… Over time, that model is a recipe for national disaster. It is a global suicide pact."
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
January, 2011

If you’re frustrated by the complete refusal of both the Democratic and Republican Presidential candidates to address the fact that our current economic system is unsustainable or the fact that a finite planet cannot support infinite growth, then please read on.

This coming November 2012 election, you have a real choice. There IS a candidate focused on transitioning our economy to one that is sustainable and fair. An economy in which government protects the commons without spending beyond its means.

This candidate is not affiliated with any political party and has no money for campaigning or advertising. This campaign is fueled by the support of average citizens and the power of the internet. There is NO danger that this candidate will be beholden to ANY deep-pocketed, campaign donors.

The central focus of this candidate is to transition the United States to a steady-state economy as soon as possible. A steady-state economy is an economy in which the nationwide population and consumption of natural resources is stable (or mildly fluctuating). If and only if an economy is (1) in a steady-state and (2) does not exceed ecological limits, is the economy sustainable; all other economies are NOT sustainable. Go to for more information about steady-state economies.

"We are stealing the future, selling it in the present, and calling it GDP."
Paul Hawken
May, 2009

This candidate for President of the United States is Robert William Dietz of Corvallis, Oregon. A short bio for Rob Dietz is here.

Rob also has a Vice Presidential running mate. His full name is William Newton Ryerson III of Shelburne, VT. A short bio for Bill Ryerson is here.

Rob Dietz and Bill Ryerson know that they have no chance of winning this election. Rather, they are running in response to the frustration of many voters who otherwise have no choice or voice in an election wherein the major parties completely ignore the most important imperative of our time – the need to transition to a steady-state economy as soon as possible. In fact, it is the idea of a sustainable, steady-state economy that is running and that will continue to run in each election until it wins. Consistent with this truth, if another candidate would do a better job than Mr. Dietz of publicizing this need, then Rob will gladly step aside and let that person be our candidate.

In addition, Mr. Dietz has no intention of being a Nader/Perot-like spoiler. If polls indicate that his candidacy would swing election results from what would otherwise be expected within a particular state, supporters in that state will be encouraged NOT to vote for Mr. Dietz. Paradoxically, making such an announcement is precisely what Rob hopes to accomplish as it would demonstrate to major political parties and the media that they need to pay attention to sustainable, steady-state economics in future elections.

Here’s what you can do for this write-in campaign…

  1. Plan to cast a write-in vote for Robert William Dietz of Corvallis, Oregon for President on your election ballot. However, before the election, check this website to see whether Mr. Dietz does NOT want you to cast a write-in vote in your state.
  2. Plan to cast a write-in vote for William Newton Ryerson III of Shelburne, VT for Vice President on your election ballot. However, before the election, check this website to see whether Mr. Ryerson does NOT want you to cast a write-in vote in your state.
  3. Click here to provide your e-mail address and state of residence. This information will be used only to make it easy for Mr. Dietz to contact you in case he needs you NOT to cast a write-in vote in your state. You will also receive occasional notices about new information on the website.
  4. Encourage everyone you know to cast write-in votes for Mr. Dietz, and publicize his candidacy among all the organizations and social networks in which you participate.
  5. Contact us and volunteer to help. Many states require write-in candidates to register with the state election board/commission. We need volunteers in every state to find out what the rules are.